Awareness ArcWe are facing an unprecedented crisis that is affecting all areas of life – business, politics, religion, work, finances, society, family and relationships. The depression, loss of confidence, fear and confusion that have set in are affecting people all over the world.

While there is an insistent clamour for change, there is also a growing realization that the very people who have presided over the financial or political disasters are not likely to be the ones who will get us out of the mess. Their inability to be positive forces of change is not based necessarily on their lack of earnestness. It is based on a basic principle of life. The chaos and troubles we are facing in the outer world are reflections of the problems and conflicts we are experiencing in our inner world.

The familiar ways of dealing with problems is only to look outside for solutions. We will find lasting resolution only by looking within. We tend to look outside for clues, but we now have look inside for answers. We look outside for the means to achieve our goals, but have to we look inside for resources.

Of the many possible approaches to the difficulties we face in the outer world, the primary and essential is the inner world. How we deal with the global crisis depends on our ability to match the outer world to the inner world. What is within is necessarily reflected without. That is why finding peace in our world is not possible without discovering stillness within.

The dominant icons of our world have all along been mostly the ones who made it out in the world through the acquisition of money, fame or power. We admire them and hope to replicate their success in our own lives. The heroes of the emerging world of a deeper consciousness will be the ones who have discovered the secrets of the inner world.

The exploration of the outer world was accomplished through travels that took people across the globe and to the outer space. The exploration of the inner space is a journey without distance through awareness and self-understanding. While the conquest of the world has been achieved through the rattle of sabres, the blasts of bombs and the subjugation of peoples and nature, the mastery of the inner world is accompanied only in stillness and peace.

In the world of business and politics it is the rare exceptions like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela who have worked from the inside out. Perhaps the time has come for humanity to make that essential shift towards this way of living. This is vital for our survival and happiness but may be too difficult to happen without a shift in our very consciousness. Awareness is what makes it possible.