“When the monk goes to the tavern, the tavern becomes his cell. When the drunk goes to a cell, the cell becomes his tavern.” (Anthony de Mello).

Holiness is not the attribute of a place, but the quality of an experience. It is not the trait of a person, but the quality of presence. The way we are, not where we are, is what makes the difference. The unaware person may be in the most hallowed place but be unaffected by being there.

Happiness is not the result of what happens around us, but what happens within us. We may be in the best of circumstances, have all we need and be surrounded by loving people. Yet we can be profoundly unhappy. Someone may be living in difficult circumstances and yet be completely happy.

The one who has open eyes sees, the one whose heart is open is happy. To the one who is aware, the world is a happy place regardless of what happens.

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