Francis’ second book is being launched in Mumbai, India in early July. Published by de Mello Publications, the book is a companion volume to his first one, A Dewdrop in the Ocean – Wisdom Stories for Turbulent Times, which was published last year.

While the first book dealt with the themes of Awareness in daily living such as relationships, emotions, suffering, judgments, conditioning and so on, this volume carries other spiritual themes such as enlightenment, God, forgiveness, happiness, dying, our identity and so on.

Stories and parables have the power to convey the deepest truths in ways that our ordinary discourse cannot do. That is why they are the most powerful agents of transformation.

That is why the author has chosen to communicate some essential truths about life and spirituality through the medium of simple stories and parables which are short, light and easy to understand.

“This book is not for those who need the comfort and consolation of the known,” writes Peter McVerry, S.J., lifelong pioneer among the homeless and the author of  – The Meaning is in the Shadows, Jesus – Social Revolutionary? The stories invite us to move outside our familiar mindsets, to see beyond the limitations imposed on our thinking by tradition, society and religion, and move to a higher level of awareness. It is there that we find the freedom that we all unconsciously seek. To those who accept the challenge to move out of complacency a beautiful new landscape is revealed.”

The book is distributed by Zen Publications, Mumbai and available in leading books shops in India. The launch of the book in the first week of July. It will be soon available in other countries. It is due to be released in Ireland on September 2.