A little boy sat comfortably, quite content and pleased with the world, while his grandfather pushed his buggy uphill in the sprawling beautiful park. The gentle old man had a lot more love and good will than energy as he struggled upward.
“What are you doing, young fellow?” I asked the boy.
“I’m doing my exercise,” he replied proudly. He was obviously convinced that he was doing a great job of it.
That was a living parable that demonstrated for me the way our ego works. We live our lives and engage in all kinds of activities convinced that we are doing them ourselves and the efforts are our own. So it is no wonder that we feel proud when we succeed and dejected when we fail.
It is very helpful to connect with the deeper truth that we never do anything on our own, actions are done through us. We are only channels or instruments through which Life does whatever it does. We take credit or blame only when we believe there is someone to take it. Realising this is the most liberating experience a person can have.

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  1. NssY on December 23, 2012 at 6:24 am

    (Deeper truth) Sounds interesting.

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