Awareness your True Teacher

Awareness your True Teacher


Last Meditations of Anthony de Mello

Anthony de Mello touched the lives of countless people all

over the world through his teachings on awareness. The

final period of his life was marked by intense awakenings,

unmatched clarity and immense freedom.

These meditations can lead you to a life-changing awareness that

transforms your own understanding of love, freedom,

forgiveness, happiness and life itself.

Awareness Your True Teacher

©De Mello Institute


1. To Love Is to Let Go 06:37

2. To Understand Is to Forgive 09:12

3. Freedom in Love 08:54

4. Soul Feelings 05:56

5. Awareness -Your True Teacher 11:43


6. The Way to Happiness 13:27

7. Effortless Change 09:49

8. Freedom from Attachments 10:35

9. To See Is to Love 10:49

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Proceeds go to a charity designated by de Mello.

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