Wasserglitzern 2565We were working with clay during the morning. The finished products were drying happily waiting to be painted. Later on during religion class the word punishment reared its ugly head. I knew they had an image of an angry God so I asked them about their images. The final analysis was of an angry father intent on revenge.

I wanted them to look at their clay figures and to have a sense of their feelings about what they had created. Where did they feel the feeling? Was the feeling warm or cold? Some felt it in the stomach, while others felt it in the heart. “So you feel good about your creation,” I said. A resounding “Yes” followed.

“Then see it this way. God created you with love and He created you in His image and likeness. If we think of a loving God, can you imagine Him waiting with a wooden spoon to beat the legs off you every time you misbehave, or do you feel He loves you enough to find someone to help show you another way?”.

They laughed at this Godly image chasing them during their many escapades.

“The question is – if you are created by God, and God created you in his image what does that make you?” I was really only musing to myself not expecting an answer.

On my right hand side was a little boy swinging on his chair and reflecting on the question as he looked at me with intense eyes. He said, “That makes me God don’t it?”

All I could do was to look back at him lovingly and say, “It sure does.”


The ocean and the wave,

the sun and its light.

Not one, not two.


Starting today, we will have some posts from Liz Valloor. She has spent many years bringing Awareness in practical ways into her work with children and families.

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