Join Dr. Francis Valloor for Living a Heart Centred Life - A Mindfulness Retreat

Dr. Francis Valloor - Living a Heart Centred Life Retreat

Do you experience conflicts, pain and the inevitable struggles of life?

Is your life marked by the ups and downs of life, leaving you sad, hurt, angry, grieving or fearful?

Do you long for some quiet space where you can experience peace, trust and most of all the love you long for?

If you do, don’t worry, you are sharing the human condition and the most basic human longing that calls out for fulfillment.

Living a Heart Centred Life has been developed to help you to;

  • Discover a simple way of finding lasting peace and joy in your life.
  • Learn a wholly new way to deal with relationship problems.
  • Acquire a new set of skills to deal with the emotional problems burdening you such as depression, anxiety and other difficulties of life.

The surest and indeed the only way to a happy and peaceful life is a heart that is awake and open. It is with our heart alone that we connect with the people and with all of life.

What Clients Have Had to Say:

"This retreat has given me so much peace that I so needed! I feel so new and different. I got far more out of it than I put into it!"  Dierdre S.
"I was carrying so many hurts and pains of my life, some going back to a long time ago. I reached home a changed person. I who began the retreat with Dr. Francis is the not the one who is returning home...I'm so grateful!"  Mairead K.
"It is for the first time that I realise that all my fights and conflicts in my life and work were with myself. I have opened a new chapter. I stop fighting and feel my relationship with myself has changed. Thank you!"  Conor F

A note from Dr. Francis Valloor 

Take the time out for yourself and to come along to this unique retreat with me, Dr. Francis Valloor.


Date & Time: 10am – 5pm, Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24thNovember 2019

Where: Celbridge Manor Hotel, Clane Road, Ballymakealy Lower, Celbridge, W23W522

Don't miss an opportunity to experience it for yourself! Book your ticket today!

My approach is positive and solution focused rather than problem centred. The challenge of change, after the initial period, becomes goal oriented, rewarding and exciting.

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