Endings1Life constantly challenges us to move on from the past, to drop our attachments, and travel light. Life does not ask our consent orconcurrence before change and transformation are thrust upon us through frequent experiences of loss and grief.

Instead of fighting the inevitable, we can join the process by letting go which is our way to freedom and happiness and the very essence of spirituality.

The reflections of today and the meditations focus on the need and the benefits of letting go.

Facilitator: Dr. Francis Valloor
Date: 7-30-9.00 p.m. Thursday, June 4th, 2015
Venue: Avila Centre, Bloomfield Ave., Donnybrook, Dublin 4
Donation: €10 (at the door)
Contact: audrey@valloorinstitute.com / 086 059-6583

(No pre-registration required)