The change business is a  multi-billion dollar industry. Leave aside the cosmetic business, weight  reduction programmes and so on for a moment. Consider only the ones  that promise to take away suffering and give us peace, remove our  neuroses and replace it with self-actualization, or move people from a  painful inner state to a desired another. Psychotherapy, spirituality,  religions and numerous other systems and practices make various offers  and claims. Among them the most popular ones are the quick fixes, the  ones that offer magical cures. If a method can be found that could in a  few steps offer us salvation, enlightenment, satori, nirvana, we would  all be happy. Most of us are on the look out for  the holy  grail of instant, painless, magical change.

There is an undying  fascination for the miraculous and magical. Even in a field like  psychology,  tricks and techniques serve a purpose. They are not only expected to  hasten the desired state, they offer you something you can actually do  to bring it about. So you have a handle on the method.  And  you get there without having any need to take a look at yourself. You  do not have to face the truth about yourself.

Most of these approaches age  quickly and make way for new ones. Or they appear dressed as new when  the allure of novelty and popularity subsides. They have to fulfil two  important conditions:  they should address a contemporary  need, and they could be easy to sell in bulk. That is <em>The Secret</em> of success. They give you what you are looking for; you only have to  desire the state or object that you are looking for. You take what you  want, you do not have to give anything back. A major part of the Secret  of success is that it does not require a personal investment and  responsibility, a wholesome examination of one’s life and actions.

“The trouble with Awareness,”  a workshop participant said, “is that there are no concrete steps by  which I can get it.” That was reflected in the clamour of the many when  Moses came down from the mountaintop: “We need a golden calf!

At  the end of a retreat for CEOs, one of them lamented, “It’s slow burn!”  He’s right, slow burn indeed! It can be slow, like opening one’s eyes  and seeing. And he’s wrong. Awareness is the quickest, easiest and  surest way to change. It is as quick as opening one’s eyes and seeing.