We live in a time of tremendous changes. The extent, type and pace of change are breathtaking as well as terrifying. There are the familiar stages and changes of life – birth, growing up, marriage, childbirth, aging, dying – and the common themes of distance, separation, break up of relationships, career changes, unemployment, relocation, illnesses or changes in fortune. While all these involve endings, grieving and letting go, we also find ways of coping with them and finding new beginnings. These changes create challenges that we all have to face as they bring opportunities for re-birth in our lives. Some of us are overwhelmed by them while others ride the waves with varying degrees of courage and inner strength. But all of us are the products of these experiences. The changes in recent decades are in many ways different from earlier ages. The extent of change is such that nearly every area of life is affected. Some of the factors that brought some security, constancy and firm ground in the midst of changes included family, social structure, religion or a firm belief system. What if even they change beyond recognition, are called into question and no longer provide sure succour? Add to these the changes in science, technology, communications, climate patterns, environment, economics, international relations and we begin to see the immensity of these changes. And if with these we consider the rapidity of these changes, we will understand that humanity may well be facing its greatest challenge yet. The kind of changes that used to take centuries seem to be packed into a life time or less now. It is no wonder then that there is so much confusion and pain in the world today. Even if we go through these as families, groups or communities, we still suffer as individuals. The remedies we have applied until now are hardly working and no sure way is yet in sight.