Francis’ second book, The Ocean in the Dewdrop, was released in Bombay at Granth Bookshop on July 9 by Dr. Francis X. D’Sa, S.J. , the preeminent Indologist and scholar of cross-cultural studies, and the founder/director of the Institute for the Study of Religions, Pune.

The author was delighted to have his friend and former professor to be the guest of honour. In acknowledgment of a life-long friendship, the book is dedicated to him.

Dr. D’Sa noted how this book, which is made up of stories and parables, does not aim at providing information on various topics but effecting transformation.

Liz Dillon spoke about her own journey of transformation that happened thanks to her experience of Tony de Mello’s teaching and how the teaching awareness had become her passion. The author read a some stories from the book and answered a few questions regarding his own experience of awareness.

The event was organised by Yogesh Sharma of Zen Publications who is also distributor of the book in India. In his brief speech, Yogesh spoke of the relevance of awareness for our living. He noted how the two books were merely aspects of the same divine reality. Sometimes it is the Dewdrops, sometimes it is the Ocean.

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