Francis presents bk to Ronnie0396The Irish launch of THE DEWDROP IN THE OCEAN – Wisdom Stories for Turbulent Times was held at the Irish Writers’ Centre, Parnell Square, Dublin on August 27. The function was attended by over 120 friends, family and well wishers from all parts of Ireland and a few even from outside the country. Dr. Ronnie Delaney, Olympic Champion and Irish icon, was the guest of honour. In his inspiring speech, Ronnie described it as “a wonderful book and source of great practical wisdom that contains a message for everyone”.

Liz Dillon introducing the author began with the impact of Tony de Mello on Francis’ life, his work as Director of Sadhana after Tony’s death. She spoke of the quiet way in which over many years she had been bringing awareness into her own life and the transformation she had experienced as a result in her life and her work with children. She commented also on the legacy of Tony carried from Sadhana to Awareness Arc and spreading to Ireland and America.

Liz Dillon introduced the speaker beginning with the impact of Tony de Mello on Francis’ life, his work Liz Speakingas the Director of Sadhana Institute and the progress of their work together teaching awareness in Ireland, India and America. In a moving presentation Liz told the story of her own transformation through awareness and her complete commitment to bringing this work into daily living. She described the profound changes in her family as well as her work with children because of her understanding of awareness and her readiness to open herself to change.

Francis speaking0381Francis described how his relationship with Tony de Mello had turned his life upside down and initiated changes that were profound, frightening and essential. Little had he known then that this would amount to preparing him one day to succeed Tony as director of Sadhana and to carry on his legacy and continue his work in Awareness. The book, he said, is a tribute to that legacy.

The book has a contemporary relevance as people everywhere are going through turmoil and turbulence. Behind the stories is a life time of experience and quite a lot of turbulence experienced by the author and others. There is also a testimony to the power of awareness that makes it possible for a person to be happy and peaceful in the midst of life’s problems and sufferings.

Every page in this book can be a meditation evoking quiet reflection and inner change. They can help to wake the reader up. It contains awareness stories that are tools for transformation.

Fran SpeakingFran O’Reilly, CEO of Amaze, skilfully facilitated the celebration making sure an atmosphere of warmth and sacredness prevailed. His meticulous planning and hard work contributed to creating a wonderful evening that everyone present will long remember.