Summer time and children are out of schools. Many parents face a frequent plaint from their kids , “I’m bored!” Both the parents and the children seem to believe that it is the former’s job to keep them stimulated at all times. And many parents engage in various pirouettes and performances to keep them entertained.

While this is quite obvious about children, most grownups too feel bored and seem to look for objects and people that would offer them some form of stimulation. There is a never ending dependence on external factors to keep them excited.

There is a basic misunderstanding here. Is the capacity for excitement and holding interest the quality of objects? Is the ability to stimulate or entertain the attribute of the people we encounter? Is not excitement more our own quality than of the things and people outside of us? She is interesting , or he is a boring, are more statements about ourselves than of those we seek to describe.

Children who are curious about the world outside of them, and adults who dare to explore the inner world, are not bored. Our capacity for wonder and excitement are more important than finding exciting things to see and do. For anyone who has such a quality, there is no state called boredom.

So instead of complaining about the lack of interesting people around us, it is more rewarding to be  interesting ourselves.  Instead of sitting back and expecting the world to entertain us, it is more creative and beneficial to be interested and curious ourselves. We will never be bored if we can be present to ourselves and whatever is before us. For essentially boredom comes from a lack of contact with reality which we need.

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