Awakening: ‘7 Days To Awareness’.

Our purpose is to make Awareness, not merely an experience of meditation, but to light up our lives by bringing it into our daily living.

The themes that we’ll cover in this short course are – the Blindness of Our Lives, and the Meaning of Awareness. We’ll look at the Experience of Presence and of Embodiment. We’ll explore the life of our hearts and emotions and our Relationships.

If as you do this inner journey, you begin to observe real transformation in your life, you will have benefitted from it. These have to be reflected in some way in your emotional life, in your body, and in your relationships. It has to be seeing something new, a new understanding of yourself and life, leading to some degree of transformation. My hope is that you’ll be able to say that this transformation was way beyond your expectations.

We start our journey with our first module.

When The Eye is Unobstructed.

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