Prof Francis D'Sa launches the book2A DEWDROP IN THE OCEAN – Wisdom Stories for Turbulent Times by Francis J. Padinjarekara was launched at Juhu Granth Book Shop in Mumbai on July 3, 2009. The launch was made by Prof. Dr. Francis X. D’Sa, the eminent Indologist and a close friend and former professor of the author. In a most inspiring speech, Prof D’Sa spoke about the power of parables and stories to communicate the deepest wisdom in life and the need for awareness to transform our lives.
The chief guest, Ms Suma Varughese, editor-in-chief of

Suma Varughese speaks1Life Positive was all in praise of the book. Life positive carries the first review of the book in its July issue.

Francis speaks at book launchFrancis spoke about his relationship with Tony de Mello and the profound impact of Tony and his teaching on his life. The book and its sequel were born out of the experience of awareness and its transformative power.

The event was organised by Yogesh Sharma of Zen Publications and was well attended by a capacity audience. The book, distributed by Zen Publications, is now available in major bookstores in India. We await the launch of the book in Dublin in August.